by Henri Kahn... hlkahn@orange.fr

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Virtual Nude Global Warming Fog over Manhattan Red Apple picked upon
Flying Lips Fields in the Valley On the edge 042 Bird picking an Orange
Green Peace Blue Black Hole Flowers behind Window Chasm 035
Reclining Beyond the Curtains Red Moon behind Window Urban Paradise
Sweet Encounter Moons Clouds over Pinatubo Trajectories
Warm Encounter Aztec Moon Storm over Pinatubo Fiesta in Santa Fe
Tsunamis Reflection 867 Bowl floating Cacti Party
Horizon on fire Weightlessness 950 ChicKlimt Quetzalcoatl taking off

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About the Artist

All rights to these pictures including their parameters remain with Henri Kahn. They may not be used for any purpose whatsoever in whole or in part without his authorization.
Most pictures shown are in JPG, 596*447 pixels for quicker downloading. Originals are in 1024*768.
Originals are printed on 51lbs/ream, heavy watercolor paper, A3+format ( 13.0"*19.0")
Image proper is approx 12.6"*17.8")