by Henri Kahn.... (

Kahnís fractal designs range from a restrained, discrete balance to the wildest and most colourful exuberance.
Kahn fully adheres to the antique idea of pythagoricians who believed that " Everything is numbers" and that " Numbers are the essence of all things and of universal harmony ", a basic idea which, so he says, has proven even more pertinent with the development of " Fractal Geometry "
Kahn's work is an exploration of the demiurgic power of simple mathematical formulas to generate shapes loaded with poetic and emotional content. These " shapes" can be rational or absurd, geometric or organic, and in the latter case mineral or biological,
The 34 pictures presented here are just a few samples of some of Kahn's research fields. You will notice that in some instances, the same theme is interpreted in different colour palettes, under different lights. Kahn is also fond of creating " tetralogies ", i.e. presenting side by side, 4 different interpretations of the same design, thereby introducing evolution and time in his paintings. ( for lack of space none of these tetras is shown on this site ).

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